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FOX News
Jan 16, 2013 4:00pm PST
of the numbers which extended any impact of the debt ceiling for a couple of months. even so, critics maintain that the united states government could continue paying off its debts for some months into the foreseeable future based upon tax receipts alone. at least a majority of our debt. but the divisiveness of the two parties at this point in time is setting very bad signals to the credit rating agencies. one of whom has indicated that the united states is right for another credit downgrade based upon the infighting we are seeing on capitol hill alone. bill? >> bill: doug mckelway on capitol hill tonight for us with that fox report. some republicans say the administration is not doing enough to investigate the deadly attacks in benghazi, libya. those attacks killed four americans including our ambassador, the head of the house intelligence committee congressman mike rogers. he says the administration was not giving the fbi the resources it needs. he also says other countries are not cooperating with american investigators. the president has vowed to bring justice to those responsible for the
FOX Business
Jan 17, 2013 12:00am EST
, the debt ceiling limit and do something more, maybe not a grand compromise, something more in terms of deficit reduction, my guess is the market will kind of shrug it off. they won't get upset. the issue is in the end what happens in the run-up read the political run-up to the waiter with the market reacting as we are going down the wire because they will not default. the u.s. will not default on its debt. adam: you have the billionaire coke brothers urging the g.o.p. all kinds of g.o.p. senator saying we need not have this fight. wouldn't it be better for republicans since the issue is spending will agree it is spending, spending, spending. wait until march as our producer calls it the son of the fiscal cliff. say to the president okay. you want to fund spending? refunded if the suit was about cutting spending slipknot to the continuing resolution. would that be the better argument? >> fair enough. the issue is this, you are right in saying we have to deal on the spending side as well as the tax side. with my preference would be if comprehensive entitlement reform, comprehensive ta
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
simply extend the debt ceiling, and do so in a manner that causes no concern to the economy and to global markets, that does not in any way suggest that washington is about to engage in another process that results in a self-inflicted wound to the economy. so it's sort of a moot point because it should just be extended in a way that does not raise concern about whether or not the united states of america pays its bills. >> okay. another follow-up to what major was saying. legislative strategy on guns: the president obviously tasked vice president biden to do this. is vice president biden going to be the white house lobbyist on guns on the hill? and then, secondarily, it's been reported that the president's white house lobbyist, rob nabors, is going to be elevated to be deputy chief of staff. so my question is, do lawmakers and staffers, are they going to learn soon who the contact person is for the legislative affairs if strategy is so important? >> let me take the end of your question first by saying that i have no personnel announcements to make. [laughter] secondly, you can fully expec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3